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    And in the year 2020 AD

    We, with the help of Allah, are witnessing the success of our idea. We take it to move it from one stage to another and from one country to another from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Arab Republic of Egypt to be our first branch outside the borders of the Two Holy Mosques and in the land of Egypt under the name of TAQA Infinity Global Company to emphasize understanding the message, the geographical borders between the two countries are not The boundaries of separation represent but are the arteries connecting two peoples whose cultural, religious, social, political and economic ties grow day after day, and that is why Egypt was the focus of our attention after the enjoyable start in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start a new challenge and to continue our services without interruption crossing the borders and spreading knowledge awareness of technology and supporting countries’ perceptions in Its renaissance, upgrading its infrastructure, and harnessing all available resources to reach the achievement of our goals, to be one of the best companies in the region in providing services in the electromechanical contracting sector and light current systems. In this we derive our positive energy from God and then from the support of our sincere leaders who are keen to strengthen national companies to carry with them the responsibility of nations thirsting for growth and striving for advancement.

    Our History

    In the year 2014 AD

    The beginning was in the Tabuk region, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with our first branch under the name TASO Ltd. Company, and our vision was summarized in (our successful idea, our distinguished position, the service of the surrounding community). Redrawing the investment map in the Kingdom starting from the Tabuk region through NEOM projects, the Red Sea Islands and others, and we supported our community with successive participations through exhibitions of the International Civil Defense Day, Employment Day, and others.

    Our Vision

    We have a clear vision, successful ideas and progressive experience to serve and respect our customers in MEP & LC sectors. We realize the magnitude of the challenges and methods of access and the importance of trust in building growing business partnerships with competitive and friend companies.

    We care about community development and cultural dissemination of control systems and we offer technical consultancy in the field of our specialty.

    We exert effort to guarantee our works by applying the recommended technical specifications standards in all business, we also provide warranty and technical support for all electromechanical works, low current systems and industrial control with exclusive distribution in the middle east.

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